Sto. Niño de Palaboy

It was November 27, 1990 when a friend of my Mom brought a wooden statue in my school. This wooden statue is of a handsome young boy doing a peace sign on his right hand and the other hand is holding a cross-figured stick. It was introduced to my Mom as the miraculous Sto. Niño de Palaboy. The statue is being sold to my Mom, but my Mom was hesitant at first. Her friend asked her to lift the statue to test how she would feel about it. My Mom could not lift the little wooden statue, because it was too heavy for her. Then her friend told her the miracles that the Sto. Niño de Palaboy has done. She loved it and decided to buy, but was concern of how she could carry it home, since it was too heavy for her. She gave another try in lifting the wooden statue after she had bought it, and it was like a miracle that she could lift it easily. My Mom was shocked that it was not heavy at all, when at her first try she couldn’t lift it. This was the first miracle with our Sto. Niño de Palaboy.


We got use to calling Him Sto. Niño de Palaboy-laboy and every year we celebrate his birthday on the day my Mom had bought Him. He turned 19 years old, 2 days ago and I bought Him a “Superman” cake from Tinapayan to thank Him for all the blessings He had given us.





My family had experienced a lot of miracles done by our Sto. Niño de Palaboy-laboy. WE witnessed it and we believe. I know our Palaboy-laboy is always watching over us.


In English, “Sto. Niño de Palaboy” means “The Wandering Saint” and is said to visit the fishermen and peasants and bring them fortune and happiness. That simply IS what HE has done to US.

He is my inspiration into having this blog. As the word “Palaboy” in dialect means “wandering.” This would be a travel blog or simply me wandering around the world.

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